A local two-player endless jumper where one player makes platforms while the other uses them to jump and catch the stars above.

Controls and Goals:

Player 1 - Using the mouse

  • Goal: Place platforms for Player 2 to jump to
  • Click and drag to place a platform and adjust its length
  • You only get so much platform length to use, place strategically
  • You get more platform length when Player 2 gets stars

Player 2 - Using the keyboard (on the same computer)

  • Goal: Jump up and up and get stars!
  • W or Up Arrow = Jump
  • A or Left Arrow = Move Left
  • D or Right Arrow = Move

More information

Published39 days ago
Average durationA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player count1 - 2
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


PlatformEr_proto_v2.zip (477 kB)

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